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Debt Goals and Savings

Goal for this year to pay off as of 2/1/08

$7856 - Embroidery machine loan
$11305 - Business CC
$18374 - Remaining funds needed for Debt Settlement
$4840 - car loan (reg payments it's on 0% interest)
$4600 - Est so far for medical bills for my DH
$5000 - pay towards HELOC's on houses

$51974 - Total

Savings goals list as current amount saved/goal

$1500/$2000 - Emergency fund
$125/$600 - Lending club
$300/$1000 - Prosper
$300/$3000 - Sharebuilder
$0/$3000 - Roth 2008

(Still working on putting money into the 2007 roth, so will keep doing that until April 15, and then we will start the 2008 fund.

All of this totals quite a bit, but aim high and do what I can, If I meet 1/2 or 3/4th of my goals than this by next year we should be almost out of debt except for the car and houses. So I'll be updating this as I make progress.