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Renter Woes - Continued!

February 25th, 2008 at 02:49 pm

Well it just keeps getting better and better.. lol. We made one final call to our renter and left a message Thursday. On Friday the 22nd we went to the courthouse and filled out all the paperwork to evict them. We paid $60 filing fee's, $4.94 postage to mail two copies and $73 to have them both served. The $ sure adds up. Our court date 3/3. Anyway, I received two calls from our renter on Sunday, I couldn't get them as we were out doing stuff, the 2nd message she left says they will be out of our house by the end of this week. That at least is good news.

So - I call her and leave a message - and she just called me back. Here's a recap:

First she tries to see if we can use the deposit money for the rent, sounds like she wants to avoid going to court and I explained, like I did the last time she asked that we would not do this.

I told her I will be more than happy to do the walk through with them at the end of this week and get the keys back from her. Then I explained that her deposit may have to pay part of March's rent. This of course got her upset, why do I have to pay March's rent if were not living there, it's a month to month, we have an agreement. I said yes and the agreement states you need to give 30 days notice so I have time to rent the house to someone else. You didn't give 30 day notice and originally we were expecting you to stay through March which would allow me to rent the house before your lease was up.

So I basically said we would still go to court on 3/3, I should get the judgment for Feb's rent/late payment and the $60 filing fee, then I need to research CO law to determine if we can use some of her deposit and apply it to March's rent, and I also need to check and see if they have paid the utilities and that they are all current. Whew, this is a long process, hopefully we don't have to do this again, and if we do, at least we will know the process.

5 Responses to “Renter Woes - Continued!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I had three rentals and I will never do that again. I sold all three houses at a loss. What a headache.

  2. merch Says:

    If you want to feel better about your rental read this blog: http://rentalpropertyriches.blogspot.com/

    This guy buys rat's nest and rents them out. He seems to do a lot of evictions.

  3. jaiparis Says:

    Ima - I know, this one has been a headache! The other two not so bad, but this one is like a thorn in my side!

    Thanks Merch - I'll check it out, sounds like more good reading.. lol -

  4. mackybethsmommy Says:

    I know what you are going through believe me. I evicted my brother's ex-gf Jan. 1st. So far I have thrown out 25 bags of garbage and crap left in the house. I am having to have an electrician come in and fix the electricity because she blew out the electricity. I haven't been able to finish cleaning because without electricity I can't do a good clean. Hopefully that will be fixed by Friday. She also left without paying the water bill and told me she had. So I had to pay to get the water turned back on. There are holes in the walls and the smell about knocks you out when you walk in the door. I am sooooooo glad we are selling the place to my brother and it will be his problem when he gets home from Iraq. I will never make that mistake again.

  5. jaiparis Says:

    Yes, just the eviction process is trying and time consuming! Fortunately they want to do a walk though so it sounds like they aren't going to leave it a mess, and it's a newer house, so I am really hoping everything is close or the same as it was when they moved in two years ago, but who knows. Hopefully I will know this weekend.

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