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Staying focused

February 8th, 2008 at 11:31 pm

Well we have been through quite a bit the last 6 months, sometimes stressful but were are still here. Staying focused through all this is quite important. I stay focused by reading other blogs, msn and cnn money pages, and general finance. I do this every day, it's become sort of a hobby, and not always in a good thing, sometimes overwhelming. But all this reading overall keeps me focused, to see debt being reduced and to see how I can build wealth once our debt is gone. So every day I read the stories, I read the info and I try to keep my focus on one thing, pay off this debt. And with all the financial woes we are seeing in the US it's even more incentive to get things in order. So this month my goal is to watch every dollar and track it, all the good and the ugly and determine how we can do better next month. Each day, I need to stay informed, watch what we spend and pay what we can. Stay focused, and as quickly as possible do this so we can build wealth, now that would be fun stuff, building wealth!

5 Responses to “Staying focused”

  1. Lost in debt Says:

    I added quicken to my computer and I track every dime out of the house. The biggest offender? My husband and those convenience store stops, I'm going to cut up his little plastic card if he keeps breaking the budget and he will get a cash allowance - it's just a bad habit, but so irritating ... he needs to get on the same page as me.

  2. jaiparis Says:

    Yes, sometimes it's those small things that really add up. I've always thought we did a good job of watching them, but you don't really know until every last dollar is tracked, so that's what I'm doing this month. Day 9 and I have tracked every single good and ugly dollar!

    Fortunally overall my husband is 98% on board with me, but every now and than the strays off.. ahhh, but usually it's not alot of money, he hasn't been into the lets buy toys that cost all kinds of $$$ and doesn't really go out much so I don't have to worry about the little snacks, etc. It's working so far.

  3. Lost in debt Says:

    My husbands little snacks totalled over $400 in one month - I think that is excessive but he doesn't think it is much of a problem.

  4. jaiparis Says:

    Wow, ya that is alot! and it does add up, because you think it's one coffee here and there, don't realize how quickly money runs through your fingers, even looking at what we have spent so far I can am starting to see it add up. It's an eye opener for sure

  5. brightlotus1975 Says:

    It's definitely hard to stay focused and positive, with all the doomsday predictions from the media. But you're here, you have a plan, and you have support! Keep it up and it will pay off. Good luck!

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